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Horse Connect

Caring for a horse younger in it's life does make a difference, that's so true but how many people often get horses that have had a horrible past.  I know nearly every horse that I have ever had has a bad history.
My horse is now 21 and he is the best for teaching all of my younger horses manners.  In Australia we call them schoolmasters when they teach a novice rider to ride but Sam is definitely not for the novice rider, even the most experienced rider finds him a handful at his age.  But I call Sam the headmaster as he is the boss and all of the horses fall into line behind him.
I don't see any reason for retiring horses because of their age, did you know the dancing horses of Vienna don't go into the performing school until they are 21, then they spend several years performing.  If that is not proof that a older horse can perform I don't know what is.  Talk about high stress.
Good Luck with your horses
Donna Paton

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