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Solstice Full Moon

For those Ridecampers who like to look UP as well as at  the trail ahead
(;-)),  the full moon at the winter solstice (Dec. 22) is the first such 
joint event since 1866.   NOT ONLY THAT!   The moon is at lunar perigee
(point in moon's irregular orbit that is closest to the earth), so that
it will appear 14% larger than it does at apogee (point in orbit farthest
from earth).  PLUS -- the earth is closer to the sun in our winter
season, so sunlight striking the moon will be a few percentage points
stronger, thus brighter.  (Night riders should guard against moonbeam
burn <G>)
   As a historical note, in December 1866 the Lakota Sioux took advantage
of the full solstice moon to stage a devastating retaliatory ambush on
soldiers in the Wyoming Territory.
   Looking ahead,  the January  full moon will go through a total eclipse
-- not exactly a "riding moon."   Regards,  Connie B

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