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Accidents (almost)

Hi. I used to hang a lead from my weanlings halter while he ran around the 
pasture. I also would take him to watch the cars go by to get him used to 
that also. I live 600ft off the road so he wasn't used to them.  All this 
training was worth it when I took him to the park to walk him around. He was 
eating grass a very short distance away from the road. I had a longe line on 
him and doubled the chain. He was eating happily when I saw him step right 
into the circle of chain. He lifted his head and his foot went right up with 
it. He was on tiptoe with the other foot. At that moment, a big truck and a 
UPS truck went whizzing by. He just stood there looking at me calm. (He was a 
young arab) I unhooked the chain and he went right on eating. I kept thinking 
how he could've broken a leg or something. He's a good smart boy. 
I put an english saddle on him one day forgetting to take off the leathers. I 
was walking around and he reached behind and grabbed one of the leathers. He 
pulled his head forward and it was stuck in his mouth like a bit, tight!! 
Thank goodness I put a bit in his mouth early. At this time he was 1 yr. old. 
He just stood there again and looked at me. I had to use quite a bit of 
strength to pull that thing out. I love my arab. Deb

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