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FL National Forest input

Jean Wonser
The National Forest Service is doing an evaluation presently.
They request input from trail users regarding our three National
Forests at

Input is requested on this survey by Dec. l7.  Let us get some folks
in AL, GA and SC in on this for two of these Forests are within 50
miles of the FL line North.

One idea I put forth that might get some consideration if enough
folks suggested some version:  Due to the extreme population
growth in FL we think it reasonable to reserve several sections
of Forest from deer hunting with rifles.  In a Forest with thousands
of acres this is certainly not unreasonable.  The deer migrate
a great deal across our land and certainly will do so in The
Forest too, (so they will be exposed to population control).

This is probably a radical idea and will take a lot of requests
to get action.  Let's have a go at it.  There is also a schedule
of meetings  on that page so let's see some action where your
mouth has been (i.e. complaints about limited use during Hunt
season/rifles the main problem).

see you on the trail,
Jean Wonser

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