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Re: RC: ivermectin and Arabs

In a message dated 12/10/99 8:47:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< friends of mine had very nasty problems with the IM
 ivermectin years (almost 10 years) ago. My horse was bred by a breeder
 who had the nasty probs with the IM ivermectin. This horse comes from
 the same lines. >>

The problems with the IM ivermectin years ago really had nothing to do with 
drug reactions--the problem was that the injection sites tended to become 
infected with clostridial bacteria which can cause very rapid death.  This is 
not a factor in giving the drug orally.  Furthermore, the clostridial cases 
happened in several breeds and in unrelated horses.

The dogs that have a problem with it are collie breeds, and in that case, it 
IS an inherent lack of ability to tolerate the drug.  I've never heard of any 
such breed problem in horses.  

<<Does anyone see any reason why I should/should not use the
ivermectin? I do know that it is important to dose the ivermectin
according to the horse's exact weight.>>

I think you are confusing ivermectin with Quest.  Ivermectin has a large 
margin of safety when given orally, and in fact, loses its effectiveness if 
underdosed at all.  The general advice with ivermectin is to be a bit on the 
generous side.


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