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Horses that quit

Barb Peck
Barb Peck


I agree with what Beth said:
[Bring the horse to the event well-fed and rested and in
fit condition]

And Heidi and Steph:
[Pace your ride, and re-fuel/electrolyte on race-day according
to you own protocol]

Then think about trying this:

When I added the following to my horses diet, I saw a marked
improvement in stamina, over-all energy levels and heart-
rate (performance and recoveries). And he has/had a rep. for
being a quitter the MINUTE he "runs out of gas".

3000 IU natural mixed-tocopherals (VitE gel-caps) daily
90 mg co-enzyme Q-10 (Jarrow brand gel-caps) daily
1 oz nutritional brewers yeast  (1 oz 3times a week)

I buy the Vit E and Q10 from my local heathfood store
and brands that test their products (standardized labs).
(and it's not any more expensive than horse products in the
long run).
I throw the gel-caps right in the grain and top dress
it all with the brewers yeast.

Q10 fuels energy production at the cellular
level (among other things), E is an anti-oxidant and B-yeast
supplys all the amino acids ( some which are made by the
horses' body, some are not).

Anyone can research them on the net and/or try it..
(or any nutritionists out there can comment..)

Considering what it did for my big, pretty slow, pretty
non-competitive minded horse, I'd love to see what it does
with a 50 or 100 mile horse.

As, always.. Just my opinion, not saying it'll work
for every one.

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