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The talk of horses getting hung up in gates makes me think of this incident
that happened to me--and I pass it on as it might help someone else-----
several years ago my neighbor had a horse get caught with both front feet in
a cattle guard.   Luckily, it had filled up with dirt so the horse's legs
didn't go very far in, and luckily she was an intelligent Arab.    But---how
to get her out?    She would try to pull her feet out, but was not very
successful as she kept slipping on the pipes.   My neighbor's husband went
for another neighbor with a cutting torch (about which I was very skeptical
and you can imagine why).   While waiting,  it struck me that if the mare
could feel comfortable about keeping her back feet from getting in this,
too, we would have more success with the front legs.   There were some
scraps of plywood nearby - we put these all around the horse's legs so all
of the pipes were covered.   And, presto!   She immediately realized there
was some solid surface to step on and pulled her feet out all by herself.
What a smart girl!   And my neighbor doesn't use a cattle guard any more for

Claudia - Provin's Promises

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