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Re: Re: Accident

.  We had scotch-hobbled him when he was younger
>as he was kicky at the farrier (and me), and I am pretty sure that saved
>leg that day.  He did pull the panel a little, but he didn't have a major
>fit about it.  He let me lift his leg enough and he relaxed enough that it
>eventually just slid back through the panels.  I think he was stuck for
>about 10 or 15 minutes.

...........such is the value of one legged hobble, front hobble, scotch
hobble, side line hobble, etc.   Valuable training for decreasing the
claustrophobic, panic response so ingrained in our equines by mother can especially appreciate this type of training when the
equine is trapped in wire, panels, side escape doors, etc.
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