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Re: RC: Re: Wintec Saddles

I am so glad to hear from some one who is using the 500 for distance work. 
Im going to stick to using mine for distance work next year as it suites my 
horse ( and my hips) and HURRRAH did not cost a fortune!


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>Subject: RC:  Re: Wintec Saddles
>Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 08:24:07 -0800
>Kerstin Leuther
>I have been using a Wintec 500 All Purpose saddle for about a
>year. Yes, it has wool-flocked panels. I have the wide
>tree/gullet, which fits my Arab (with wide-sprung ribs...)
>very well. This saddle has now about 1700 training miles and
>400 competitive miles on it. This includes 2 one-day 100-mile rides.
>I'm a Featherweight (tack in at <130 pounds,
>yes that's with full water bottles....sigh), and I don't
>know how this saddle might perform with more weight.
>I'm very happy with the saddle.
>Los Altos Hills, CA
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