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Re: Fescue

It is not so much that the old fescue comes back, but the new fescue
eventually becomes infected with the endophyte fungus. Another consideration
is that the reason for fescue is its drought resistance - and that drought
resistance comes in part from the existence of the endophyte.

Duncan Fletcher

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> hi Claudia!
> Although I haven't used the new fescue on the market, some of the reading
> I've done says, yes, it is safe for pregnant mares, but there's a hitch.
> If your pastures had the old fescue in them, strong as it is, it will take
> over within five years of your reseeding project, EVEN, i'm told, if you
> think you have eradicated it completely.
> here in northwest arkansas we can use the hormone (?) domperidone as an
> anti-endophyte treatment for a mare who has been on fescue.  I have used
> for a couple of mares, but i thought their gestations went longer than the
> norm, and in one i thought the placenta was thicker than the norm.
> she delivered a healthy filly and had milk.  but i was present at the
> and removed the placenta from the filly's face.
> hope this helps,
> kitty

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