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An observation on the new Wintec 2000 AP

Diane Nelson
I just received the Wintec 2000 all-purpose saddle, 18" seat size, from State Line - good price at $405 + delivery.  This is the model with the exchangeable gullet system.  I ordered the wide tree and two additional gullet sizes.  The saddle seems nicely made and reasonably well-balanced regarding leg position.  What disappointed me was the shape of the seat and the fit to me.  The older model endurance saddle, which comes only in the 17.5" seat size, always seemed roomy and comfortable.  This saddle was a tight fit indeed.  The cantle is "narrow" - almost like a squared off jumping saddle.  Even my Wintec dressage saddle with the 18" seat is significantly roomier than this saddle.  Very odd.

I have yet to put it on the horse.  I'm hoping that being on a horse will change how I sit in the seat - but I'm not too hopeful here.

I purchased this saddle with an eye to using it for training rides on our three very differently-shaped competition horses.  But I worry about the saddle being "too small" which will cause me to come down harder than normal on the cantle area

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