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I think that we are agreed that presentation at the halt should 
remain as part of the training and preliminary test.  I agree, it is 
where a lot of learning takes place.  It has been suggested that a 
written guideline be given to the presentation judge in order to help 
"standardize" the judging.  There are already guidelines on the 
presentation score sheet, so this additional information would be 
more specific to turn-out.  Imagine that you are given such 
information a hour before becoming a presentation judge. (Imagine 
any other sport, ie., jumpers, reining, figure skating, where an 
unlicensed judge is allowed to give penalties!)  Even some 
experienced dressage judges quake at the thought of judging 
presentation!  Every competition knows that they will have to have 
someone judging presentation, and as Dave pointed out, some of 
these people are pressed into service (not fair to them or the 
competitors!).  The ADS could set up a type of certification that 
would require the person to go through a written test that would 
help them understand the principles of presentation.  Going to a 
clinic would be great, but expensive.  If we are going to keep 
presentation, then it should be addressed at clinics.  If more 
dressage judges were exposed to presentation, they would not be 
so uncomfortable with it.  
John and Sue Greenall

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