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painless shots

wendy lumbert
We have a foolproof method for giving shots (at least with our
own horses). I have my husband or helper feed the horse grain
while I give the shot. I thump the horse several times in the
general area and the 3d or 4th thump is the needle going in.
The horse is busy chowing down grain and is not startled by
the needle as it is just another thump - every horse we've ever
had is just thrilled to stand for shots and treats.    This works
well even if it is the vet giving the shot and me feeding grain.
But I always have the vet give them a carrot and pet them before moving into the "shooting" position so the horses are not
apprehensive.    If your horse is chronic about this try having the vet get into a shot-giving position every time he or she comes but instead of giving a shot just thump them a few times and feed them a carrot. Anything to make it a pleasurable experience for your horse  - after awhile he will anticipate treats  instead of a painful suprise.  Hope this helps.

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