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Sports saddle - query


I wonder if any one can help me resolve this one?

I have a sports saddle which I have had a lot of trouble with. I end up with 
a very sore left hip after riding any distance in it.

As a test last week I tired riding the same 8 mile route in a GP then the 
sports a day or so later. No probs with the GP , hip pain as usual with the 

However, my horse clearly prefers the sports , much freer shoulder action. I 
did notice that his wither hair and back hair had waves when i took it of 

has any one any sugestions to overcome this, or should I give in and stick 
to my little GP?

At the moment my options are:

a. stick with Gp and sell sports
b. hack sports about to shorten the skirt and try and build up a pad to give 
it a twist.
c. sell sports and buy a youth cut model.

Im five foot one inch and weigh about 8 1/2 to 9 stone. Im quite short 
legged. My horse is a fifteen hand welsh cob. Hes quite wide backed with BIG 
shoulders and reasonable, but not particularly sticky out withers. My Sports 
is a 14.5 inch one with stirrups set back a half inch. Were in the Uk, hence 
difficulty in trying other sizes of saddle.

Id like to see if I can sort something out as I belive the idea of an 
unrestrictive saddles a good one, so currently feel guilty about sticking to 
what suits me not him.

please email me privatly if you prefer that .

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