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High energy horse feed

Jim McWilliams
Endurance enthusiasts,  My name is Jim McWilliams from
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and our firm has a new high
energy extruded horse feed on the market.  We have had some
very positive feed-back from many sectors in the horse
industry requiring significant amounts of energy.  We would
like to ask you Vets and nutritionist out there what your
thoughts are about our feed.  I refer you to our web site
at  As I mentioned this feed is
very high in oil (30%) and it seems to us that it should
be just what the endurance rider is looking for. Opinions
please!  We realize that the Calcium and Phosphorour are not
balanced but most of our customers all ready have their owwn
vitamin-mineral supplements and were not interested in
changing.  Please give us any comments that you may have.

Jim McWilliams
E-Leet Feeds

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