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Silver State Results-Day 2&3, Top Ten

On the last post, I forgot that Fire Mt. Smoke went all 3 days. Jim riding 
him on day 1 and day 2, and Alicia riding him on day 3. It was amazing that 
so many horses/mules could do all three days and be in great shape at the end 
of a gruelling season. Good job!

Top Ten on Day 2

Jennifer Oltmann- AL Baraaq, 4:33 - 1st FW and BC
Ernie Lohman- WOA Don Juan,4:47 - 1st HW
Patty Danley- Rushcreek Dee, 4:57 - 1st LW
MJ Jackson- Eden's Bay Rum, 5:12
Dean Jackson- Belesemo Tradition, 5:12 - 1st MW
Blayne Chenoweth- Cairo,  5:15
Richard Fuess- Red October, 5:15
Elfta Hilzman- Shadow Man, 5:18
Kathy Klein- Redan JDW, 5:18
Shelli Lohman- BPH Cilantro, 5:21

1st Junior on day 1 was Kate Burgess, riding Sharalki Mariah
1st Junior on day 2 was Bergen Smeding, riding Madison
1st Junior and day 3 , overall Junior was Bergen Smeding, riding Madison

1st Family Award, Jim F. Mitchell, April Mitchell, Jamie Mitchell and Alicia 

Day 3 Top Ten

Elfta Hilzman- Luna, 4:30, 1st LW and BC
Jennifer Oltmann- AL Baraaq, 4:49 - 1st FW
Patty Danley- Rushcreek Dee, 4:49
Dean Jackson- Belesemo Tradition, 5:21 - 1st MW
MJ Jackson- Eden's Bay Rum, 5:21
Kathy Klein- Redan JDW, 5:30
Richard Fuess- Red October, 5:30 1st HW
Dave Rabe- WW Dirty Dancer, 5:38
Blayne Chenoweth- Rainman, 5:38
Valorie Weizer- Copper, 5:56

Happy Holidays

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