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Re: hematoma

Dear Randi,
I suspect that you will get responses ranging from "go ahead and do whatever you have to do to get him going again" to "try applying a little 'tincture of time' ". I would always opt for the latter. We have all been there at one time or another and although we want things to fit into our own timetable, with horses it just seldom works out that way. Don't forget that you (hopefully) are in it for the "long haul". You want to treat this little guy with the same care you would give any of your children. To try to hurry healing in order to be able to place a saddle and then the weight of a person with all the attendant rubbing and pressing, in my opinion, would be unwise. So, you miss the ride you wanted to do. There will be plenty more. What's more important, is that when you do enter a ride, it will be with a sound, fit, healthy and therefore, happy horse. My credo has always been that if there is ever any question at all about the readiness of the horse to compete or even be ridden, to err on the side of caution. They are amazing creatures and if given the chance will give you one hundred times what you ever ask of them. So, please, whatever treatment you and your vet agree upon, give your horse the chance to help heal himself. And that means, staying off of him for however long it takes (and then a little longer). I know whereof I speak. I missed almost the entire ride season last year because of a couple of injuries that were (when taken in perspective) rather minor. But I wanted to be sure that when I did ask my horse to give me fifty miles, she would have the strength and health to do that with no threat to her soundness at all. Here's wishing your horse and you a future filled with good times on the trails.
Pat  in Ashland, Or.
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From: Randi Lavikoff
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 1999 2:22 PM
Subject: RC: hematoma

I need some quick advice please.  My young gelding panicked in the trailer (to make a long story short), and after the butt bar was up, and his halter was hooked to the trailer tie, he pulled back hard enough to skin his back and sit under the butt bar. Yes, I've read all the loading stuff, anyway, the question now is: my vet was out 2 weeks ago and told me to use DMSO on a lump on his mid-croup (along spinal line), to see if the hematoma that formed, will go down.  His back's fine and I'm eager to start training, again, to do his first 50 this year. Vet said if it doesn't go down, it needs to be drained.  It's been 2 weeks and it's gone down some, but I want to get going on the training and I'm fearful of pressure on the spine.  Should I just go ahead and have it drained now, or wait longer? Thanks ahead. Randi in Florida

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