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Lazy Sunday afternoon

It makes me laugh when I read about your horses startling at pigs and
bears.  Lyra was a pasture ornament for 6 years.  Then I get her with
wonderful visions of training her for endurance until I find out that I am
pregnant.  Poor thing resigns herself to being in the exciting pasture

Well, when I got her this summer she was terrified to load.  We had to
force her in the trailer when I bought her- we only had the trailer for a
few hours ( did not own one yet) and we had to drug her and drag her in. Do
not yell at me I was in tears the whole time! she was terrified of the 
thing.  Apparently she used to be wipped to get in, and she figured we
would do the same.  so my philosophy is that if it took years, she would
learn that trailers were okay - no force, no restraint, just love and
firmness.    I have been working with her since October, and last weekend
she loaded beautifully on her own!

We took her to a local park with other horses. she reared and  bucked on
the lead line- it was all I could do to get her into a corral where she
figured out that the horses were okay, and strange cars do indeed remain on
the road.  I even put a kid on her (very good rider)  and we had her going
over about 1 foot jumps.  First day out- about 7 hours from bucking and
rearing to riding!

This weekend, she loaded again with no problem.  This time however, she was
calm.  So my husband and I went on a trail walk.  I lead her, and he lead
our daughter on the Shetland.  Lyra was terrified of EVERYTHING!!  The
squirrels, the leaves, the trail- it took about 5 minute just to get her
into the scary woods!  Interestingly enough, she dominates the pony, so we
figured that she would want to lead.  NOT!  If he went somewhere, she would
follow, but if a bush looked at her wrong, she would not for anything go
forward (fro a few minutes) and especially not lead!!

Well, I figure that in three or four weeks I can start ridding her.  After
a few months of training, we will write about more scary trail encounters. 
For now, I am proud of her- on her second time out her second time into the
scary world she learned 1) trailers are pretty cool
2) the bush is not as scary as good to eat- why can we not eat them anyway?
3) That short shrimp pony is worth something more that an object to pick
on!  4) Life on the trail is much more fun that life confined to 4 sided
fence and the same pasture matters I see everyday!!

I am very proud of her.

By the way- it is much more fun to ride that lead on a trail 'ride'!

meeks zoo
Faith - blue and gold macaw
Sunny- sun conure
2 dogs
3 cats
Lyra- my pride and joy- Arab mare
Yanni  (miniature shetland)-why does everyone pick on me just because i am
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