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Help? Osceola: Jan. FL ride

Jean Wonser
The Forest is so dry presently we are worried about extra
personnel to carry trail water!  I know some of you find
that hard to believe.  Anyhow if it gets as wet as l998 we
plan to reroute onto Forest Road a couple stretches.

We are looking for volunteers for Pulse crew, secretarial
help Friday, gophers, etc.  Camping is free in our Primative
camp so bring your own water.  Volunteers may ride their horses
Sunday but bring Coggins.

Please let me know by Dec. 31 if you can help out before I get
frantic and start to man the phone lines (352) 472 4946 after dark
EST best.

thanks in advance:  Remember all rides need helpers!
Jean Wonser
Osceola  Endurance sec'y.

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