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And ya'll think you got a nutty horse

I was raised on a dairy farm we had holstein cows. I had a blk/wht spotted 
saddlehorse. I took her to a show at the Knoxville fair below the horse show 
ring was the cattle barns. When she saw the black and white cows she started 
nickering for them thinking she was supposed to be with them not with a 
bunch of horses. And you think spooking is a problem?? how about a horse 
with an identity crisis?
BTW we cleaned up the show...some judges just love spotted horses in a crowd 
of sorrels ;0)
Carla (misty wat-ter coloored MEMoriES of the way we WE're of the way we 
Ansata (ohhh my ears quit that singing)
Haley (just buck her off she will quit)
Rob (honey that sounded like a squirrel with his nads caught in a combine! 

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