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Re: RC: The first multiday

In a message dated 12/03/1999 2:05:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< In 1983 the XP became the first
                      multi-day ride to be sanctioned by the AERC.
 So which ride was the first official multiday ride?  Was the Capitol to 
 Capitol not sanctioned?

Unfortunately, I don't remember precisely, but I think C-C was sanctioned.  
I'm sure someone connected with the ride in its early days could provide more 
concise info on this.  I do know, however, that when Dave Nicholson first 
wanted to stage a 5-day ride on the XP trail from Fairfield, UT to 
Schellbourne, NV he was opposed vehemently by a past BOD member (probably a 
personal vendetta).  Dave was concerned that this one member could influence 
the board so as to prevent his ride from taking place (being sanctioned, that 
is).  I had been a crew and driver for a couple I knew who had done the 1979 
BPO-sponsored XP ride.  I drove from Simpson Springs to Carson River, then 
had to return home for another committment.  But I had spent a week on the 
trail, learned the concept of the multi-day ride and was thoroughly 
capitivated.  At the time of Dave's wanting to submit his idea to the BOD, I 
was a recently elected West region director (I was first seated in 1982).  He 
called me one evening and asked if I would support his ride to the BOD so he 
could achieve sanctioning for it. I told him I certainly would, as I felt the 
multi-day ride was one of the most exciting ideas to come along in AERC 
history.  At the annual meeting I encouraged the BOD to sanction Dave's ride, 
they approved, and the rest is history.  So I was in on the "ground floor" of 
multi-day ride history and was in part responsible for the success of the 
concept.  And look at all the MD rides to take place since 1983!  I still 
feel they are a true test of endurance and one of the great adventures of all 
time.  As the Special Events sanctioning director at the time, I was also 
responsible for recommending sanctioning of his 2001 XP ride.

Barbara McCrary

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