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Re: RC: Re: Critters : pig proofing

I know that talking to someone who is acting carelessly with a gun is a
problem but if you can Please remind these people that what goes up MUST
come down.  Target practice can be accomplished without endangering

Ride safe, Frank (Seffner Florida)

> I have a potbellied pig at home that runs around the property a couple times
> a day.  I wondered if she actually helped to pig proof my horses.  I got my
> answer today.  I was riding to the staging area of a local trail ride and
> had to ride by a place that started raising pigs.  I hadnt been by there in
> quite sometime.  As I rode up to the farm I noticed a few hogs standing and
> several laying down sleeping.  I guess one of the sleepers woke up cuz all
> of a sudden about 15 porkers jumped up and ran across the field.  These were
> the big white kind with the large floppy ears.  Clovis stopped and watched
> them run.  She wasnt too sure what she should do.  I started laughing and
> patted her on the neck.  She just kept one eye on them and walked on by.
> Geeez was I glad that they didnt do that Imu thing and run towards her!!  On
> the way home from the ride, I came around a corner and was facing down the
> barrel of a rifle.  Our new neighbors decided to throw cans up into the air
> and see if they could shoot them before they hit the ground.  I let out a
> yell and startled the heck out of the two men.
> I really hate it when stupid people play with guns.  Oh well.  How was you
> alls day.  Good I hope.  :-)    gesa n clovis
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> Date: Saturday, December 04, 1999 7:58 AM
> Subject: RC: Critters
> >I have one for you folks PIG proof your horse.  The first time I rode my
> >horses by the new pig farm it was interesting to say the least.  Of course
> >familiarity breeds contempt and now no big deal.  There used to be a ride
> >where they had wild pigs and that always caused a few mishaps.  Lovell
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