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how normal we really are!!

This helps to get the process going
 and if you insert your hand into the pile it is extremely hot from the
 anaerobic action taking place. >>

Ooooooh, blech, ick.  You do wear gloves, doncha Pat?  Only a horsewoman 
would stick her hand in a pile of horse manure to see how well it was
And THEN post the fact on the internet! :))

This reminds e the other day when I was cleaning a sheath for a lady who
wants ride, but does not want to get dirty.  I tried to show her the 'goopy
crap' she was describing and how to wash him - the look on her face was
hilarious! She would come out to the stables decked to a t with long nails,
(oh do not break one!! )  and try so hard to stay clean!

lo and behold she is not riding any more.

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Sunny- sun conure
2 dogs
3 cats
Lyra- my pride and joy- Arab mare
Yanni  (miniature shetland)-why does everyone pick on me just because i am
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