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being Normal?

if not being normal is getting excited over the next cure all horse shoe 
instead of Air Jordans. I am not normal.
if not being normal means that I don't get up till 8 or 9 in the morning to 
go feed,ride then go to work  I am not normal.
If not being normal is my lunch breakfast and supper is pizza or what ever I 
can find at the easy stop market. I am not normal.
If not being normal is wanting horsey stuff for Christmas instead of jewelry 
or fancy clothes. I am not normal.
If not being normal is making sure the horses are well taken care of while I 
am out of town to heck with the house and mail. Nope I am not normal
If not being normal a woman driving a pickup truck instead of a nice Car. 
Nope aint normal.
If not being normal is budgeting around the feed,farrier and vet bills
heck I am not normal.
If not being normal is griping over if this breast collar matches this
saddle pad, or fussing over what supplements to feed my horse. I am far from 
If not being normal is letting the horses mow the back yard. Nope aint 
normal here!
Gosh sometimes I enjoy being not normal to see the looks on peoples faces.
Carla (who me normal?)
Ansata ( gee my old dad would never let me mow the back yard!)
Haley (ohh the grass is always greener over sewer lines!)
Rob ( I just can't get used to a horse looking in the window at the 6am run 
to the bathroom!)

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