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RE: Re: Stirrups/Narrow Trails

Title: RE: Re: Stirrups/Narrow Trails

Hey - if all you're hitting are your stirrups on a "knee-knocker trail", then you're doing pretty good!!  I hate leaving skin and parts of my knee caps behind!  My last horse is a tank.  My new horse is a slim-line model!  :-)

Have saw, will travel.  If I'm allowed to cut, ALL my training trails are wide!

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My favorite is the FlexRide.  I was more comfortable in those than any other
stirrup; however, switched to EZ Ride for the same reason as Glenda.  I
changed riding boots and the FlexRide weren't wide enough.  If you have
small feet and/or wear more narrow leather boots they're wonderful.  I'm
still getting comfortable with the plastic EZRide--they seem very wide and
bulky on a narrow knee-knocker trail.  Have hit a few trees --ouch!!
So. Oregon

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