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Re: Rice bran

Here in So. Cal.  several of my friends and I were feeding rice bran.  I fed
one of the processed name brands and they fed a non stabilized brand.
After a few months we all noticed something about our equines that
concerned us.   All of a sudden they ALL started to get brittle feet.  We
live in different areas so we werent buying feed at the same places.
Hmmmmmmm just food for thought. (we all quite feedng the rice bran)
gesa n clovis
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Date: Saturday, November 06, 1999 1:37 PM
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>           Last May we acquired a 12 year old TWH that was about 200 pounds
>under weight. I was prepared to feet her beet pulp, oil, and  Legends
>12Pelleted feed. However, our vet told us to feed rice bran instead of beet
>pulp. We worked her up to about a one-pound coffee can size scoop of rice
>bran that we soaked til it was a mush. We mixed  Legends 12% pelleted grain
>into the grain at a ratio of 1 bran to 2 grain.We stirred in FastTrack
>probios and oil. We started with a tablespoon of oil and worked up to about
>ounces a day. We fed her this twice a day. She put the weight on in about 4
>months.  She was and still is on good pasture 24/7.
>            Now that she has her weight up we cut the rice bran ration and
>the grain ration in half  and added in beet pulp, soaked. The beet pulp is
>about 1/2 of her ration. Everything is mixed in together, mushy and she is
>fed this only once a day. now.  She loves it.  I'm watching her pretty
>because I wonder if she'll keep her weight on during the winter. We have
>started giving her some hay also, even though she is still on pasture 24/7.
>The pasture is not as good now as it was -- we need RAIN!!!  She still gets
>oil and  probios daily. She does not look like the same horse.
>             I could hardly ride her at first  because she dropped her
>every time I rode her. So we just took it easy, but I notice that now that
>she is normal weight she doesn't seem to drop weight after a ride. She is
>an endurance horse but I do hope to do LD with her.  She is ridden about
>three times a week, about 2 hours at a time at a moderate pace.  Hope this
>Happy trails,
>Beverly in SWVA
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