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I just got a diagnosis on my 16 y 15"2 arab gelding.
He kept presenting me with various lameness symptoms
for the last 8 months. The vet is trained in accupressure and
chiropractic work. He finally (after 3 sessions ) checked out my
geldings LR hock. This horse is trying to fuse this hock.
The vet gave me 2 recomendations. 1 I bute and ride( of which I can't
at an endurance ride) or 2. Give the hyraline acid (sp?) injections ( of
I can't afford at this time). The vet told me that it would take a year
to fuse
this hock. I have 1500 mile of endurance and CTR on this horse. I guess
my question is this. Would my gelding be better off if I gave him the
year off?
Any recommendations would be appreciated. By the way I am a light heavy
rider if this helps in the discussion.
Pat and Razzel ( Aw gee mom I need a break)

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