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The survey results are in!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you guys on the hoof survey.
 If you remember, I was curious mostly about the angles people were keeping
on their horses for endurance as well as length of toe.  I also told you if
you knew what kind of shoes you liked or the farrier used, etc. to mention
that, too.  I am not so surprised by the results of the angle/length of toe
information as I am by what people could and could not tell me.  I had 40
responses (really quite a small number for RC, I am sure).  Rather than
bore you with numbers or percentages I am going to report on overall
"findings" based on how I tried to tabulate the #s (sounds good, doesn't
it?). You may have to do some of your own interpretation.  I had such a
variety of responses that it's impossible to make it remotely accurate or
scientific.  I think you will find this interesting....  
As far as angles went....17 people could tell me EXACTLY what angles their
horses had, often front and back both!  6 sorta/kinda sounded like they had
an idea or at least gave me a guess.  The rest knew nothing (23).  Of those
who could tell me the angles, 13 gave me angles in the 50-55 degree range
with some mentioning slightly higher angles in back (56-57).  The other
four with I think 2 being guesses and 2 being actual measurements quoted me
angles of 45-49 degrees.  
Length of toe...Some people gave me angles but no length of toe.  I had 10
who gave me actual lengths usually in the 3 to 3 and 3/4 " range.  The rest
either did not know or did not mention it.
Alot of people have definite opinions on shoes.  Of the 17 who were able to
give me specifics about how their horse is shod and why, 10 mentioned they
like St. Croix Eventers (some with, some without clips).  I enjoyed reading
why people do what they do with their horses' feet!  But that leaves 23
people who just let their farrier do what he do!!  No questions asked.
Several people started actually looking at their horses feet and
questioning if they looked right.  Some called their farriers (sorry,
farriers everywhere).  Some waited for the farrier to come and that
accounted for some of the precise measurements I got.  
Not a very thrilling kind of survey but I hope an enlightening one.  I have
yet to tabulate the information I have in our book to add to this.  I will
try to do that tonight so people can get an idea about what angles
endurance riders strive for.  Thanks for all the responses.  I tried to
respond to everybody.  Hope I didn't miss anyone.  If you asked me a
question and didn't get an answer, ask again!  I get addlepated sometimes. 
And if I answered you too many times, please forgive me again!!  

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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