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Fwd: EIA horse health issue

Thought I would forward this to all you Ridecampers.  Lovell

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I got this information from another list. Thought I would pass it along. And
as we think back to the discussion on horse health certificates awhile
back....I'm GLAD my vet insists on looking at my horse, IN PERSON.(and that
my health certificate notes everything we have vaccinated for) Wish I knew
others did the same when I travel to an event.
Jonni in So. Calif.

I am just passing on a report that came through the PROMED from Texas A&M.

Twenty one horses are now confirmed positive in the Pennsylvania (PA) Equine
Infectious Anemia (EIA) outbreak. Horses on 47 premises are under
quarantine. Twenty of the 21 horses have the same horse dealer in common.

This horse dealer is NOT licensed to deal horses in PA, as required by PA

Horses in Maryland, Ohio, Virginia (VA) and New York  have also been tested.
Unconfirmed reports trace positive EIA cases in VA back to PA.

The Florida Department of Agriculture is warning horse owners about the PA
EIA outbreak on their website.Go to:

Note: The Federal eradication program for EIA is plagued by multiple
outbreaks.  Part of the problem lies in lax control on horses being
transported to and from sales where horses are sold to dealers which
transport them to slaughter houses, which process horses for overseas human

Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD
Technical Editor
The Horse Journal

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