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Re: Re: The Hunt

Funny story that though not endurance related IS horse related... we have
dozens of these wild turkeys coming into our pasture and our yard!  One
morning this summer, it was foggy out, really, really hard to see.  Poor
Jonathan was up by the house and I heard him start running around and
around, obviously spooked.  I went out and I could hear turkeys out back
but couldn't see them.  As the mist started to lift you could barely make
out two toms having a disagreement...Jonathan was out of his mind he was so
scared...they did sound pretty alien and looked pretty spooky in the mist. 
The horses are used to their little cluck clucks but this totally
discomfitted my poor boy!!

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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