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Having clicked various links on the Ridecamp Subscription Management
page, and having received a number of conflicting response messages (I'm
subscribed, unsubscribed, and who knows what all at the same time), I'm
sending this email to the list to see if I'm back on again.

I hope nobody posted anything interesting at all while I was gone!  I
had a great time, may have sold another horse (BA Bey Elation daughter)
while at the Arabian Nationals (waiting for confirmation this weekend),
and am really, really tired (heck, I've been with my mother 24 hours a
day ever since the Nationals - we get along very well, but enough is

The bad news is I probably don't have a sale of our Desperado V daughter

after all - I think I've been "had" by a woman playing on the internet.
We've been negotiating & firming up a deal (or so I thought) for about a

month, but tonight I received a third "the check really is in the mail
this time" email in as many weeks, and I guess I just don't believe it
any more.  Before I hear any "I could have told you's", keep in mind
we've sold horses over the internet before with perfectly fine results
to perfectly wonderful people - some of whom have become great friends.
Well, I guess you can't win them all.  Anybody want to buy a horse?  Lif

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                     Quemado, NM  USA

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