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Firehorse 12

Okay folks!  As I was getting into getting into deleting my RC posts -
hundreds which I found in this old place after a few days away, I hear my
tv's History channel doing a thing on fire horses.  Really neat!  Anyone
else see it?  Film of fire engines being pulled by them through the
streets of Washington, D.C., showing how incredibly well trained they
were - supposedly anxious to do their job.  Then there was "Firehorse
12", who while rushing to the fire, caught his foot under a RR rail which
TORE OFF HIS FOOT!!  But, he kept on running and no one was aware of the
"stump" until they got to the fire.  Of course the poor horse was put
down - hard on the guys with all their intense bonding with their horses,
and the foot literally ended up in the Smithsonian Institution - last
"viewed" in the 1980's.  Now ..... would an endurance horse do that? 
Horse Trivia hour....
Karen in PA

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