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Re: RC: Summer Itch Relief

Laura - I had very good luck this summer with Horsemen's Dream
Fung-A-Way.  Was easy to use and did not have to apply all the time. 
Seemed to do the job by applying in the mornings 3-4 days running, leave
off, then do again if need be.  What I liked was that it made the hair
grow right back and kept the horse very comfortable.  Good luck.  Carol

On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 21:34:27 -0500 Laura Nielsen <>
>Anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve "summer itch" in horses?
>The insects have been particularly voracious this year, causing 2 
>cases of summer itch with my horses.  Both horses have rubbed open 
>in their manes and tails (bald spots, too).  The cause is either a
>severe reaction to insect bites and/or migrating gnat larvae
>(oncacerca--not sure of the spelling of that one!).
>One neighbor had good results using Dexamethasone (again, probably 
>spelling), but I'm not sure I want to use this on my horses. Oral 
>for 2 months.
>Worming with Ivermectin did not result in any relief.
>N. Fla.
>Tez & Venture
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