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Re: RC: RC: First vs. BC

Heidi, First we will gather the facts as they have been published.  Thats a
huge task just for openers.  After that Truman will be turned loose to do
his majic with the math.  Then well let the BOD try to figure out what to
do with it.  I've always felt that the removal of the full point down to a
half point for weight was a mistake.  Well just let the numbers take us
where they may.  You do make a good point regarding the scoring.   Jerry
Jerry Fruth 
AERC # 441
Evansville, Indiana
Hickory Ridge Arabians web page:

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, wrote...
>In a message dated 11/3/99 5:59:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> writes:
><<  When it steps
> up to the 100 mile rides, the LW's win almost all the time.  The
> heavyweights take it only 2% of the time in 100's.  >>
>Part of the problem here is that the time factor is out of kilter on the 
>100's.  If horses are evenly paced on a 100, and the leader does the 50 in, 
>say, 5 hours, and another horse does it in 5:30, then if the ride were to 
>stop there, the time penalty would be 30 points.  But if the horses continue 
.  I've always 
>felt that when the mileage doubles, the time penalty should be cut in half.  
>I think you would find, Jerry, that that might even out the stats some.  

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