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Re: RC:LD & kids competing etc.

In a message dated 11/4/99 3:59:38 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< It was at the old Bear Valley Springs ride, and RM Sherri Brisco did just
 that....I can't tell you how much my daughter BEAMED after getting her
 completion AND that bucket of stuff!!!
 Becky Hackworth
    About 5 or 6 years ago Levi, my son was a jr. rider then.  He will never 
forget the great stuff that he got from Sherri's ride.  He won a little 
cactus plant with 1st place jr. rider hand written on it.
    Now Levi is 20 years old, is my farrier, still does endurance once in a 
while, and, guess what?  He still has his little but bigger, cactus plant 
sitting in our kitchen where everyone can see it.  If anyone ask about it, he 
is there to tell his story!
Tammy Robinson

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