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Re: Various thoughts/recent posts

Ok, Nancy.  FOUL!  NO FAIR!  Bash and run penalty for you!!!   :D (that's a
big HUGE grin for those who aren't familiar with it!!).  Just
kidding...actually, I agree with you about doing what is right for you and
your horse at any given ride.  I think it probably makes less difference in
"physical" ridecamp than in our "cyber ridecamp" what we ride!!  It never
has even come up for me at rides!  I still think we need to keep in mind
what someone said earlier this week (sorry I forgot who it was) and it was
something to the effect that we need to keep straight that we're talking
about distance being the defining parameters of a "ride"....endurance in
definition is 50-100 miles and 25-35 is defined as Limited Distance...I
think we need to do away with who is or isn't a "true" endurance rider
(because once you have ridden 50s or 100s, you don't get demoted for doing
a 25 LD)....we are DISTANCE RIDERS,  first and foremost no matter what the
format (CTR or endurance) or what the distance!

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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