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Re: RC: Various thoughts/recent posts

In a message dated 11/3/99 7:06:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< << The reality is that's where
  people and horses need to start out.  >>
 This is not a reality.  Many people, me and all my juniors included, started 
 on 50's and have done quite well.  >>

Amen.  And a few of us weirdos started out with 100's and went down from 
there.  LD's are good for folks who don't have the confidence to start out on 
50's or have other reasons not to start at longer distances.  I also firmly 
believe that HORSES for the most part are quite capable of starting right out 
on 50's if their people have an understanding of what they are doing.  I 
quite frankly PREFER to start my horses on 50's so they realize right off the 
bat that they are not going for a jaunt and must pace themselves.  But LD's 
are a wonderful thing for folks who aren't sure they can jump right into 
50's, and also provide a way for those to participate who love the sport but 
for some reason can NOT go further.


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