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Re: RC: Rider weight -horse weight/?????????

In a message dated 11/3/99 4:47:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< But is it fare to ask a tiny horse to carry that much weight, ofcourse 
 Arabs their going to try their heart out for you. >>

The very fact that they do so with no ill effects and appear to be happy and 
cheerful doing it seems evidence to me that it is "fair".  (Is it "fair" that 
we ask them to do anything at all, if one wants to take that tack?)  One 
thing that I WILL say about heavier riders--it behooves them to learn to ride 
well, since if they are off balance or floppy, the more effect the weight 
will have.  But I've seen time and time again where a GOOD heavy rider will 
bring in a horse in FAR better shape than a sloppy tiny rider--and with a 
much more comfortable back!


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