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RE: Re: Cannon bones/Tendon size

Title: RE: Re: Cannon bones/Tendon size

My old mostly-egyptian mare was 14.3 1/2 Hands (if she was due to be shod soon!) and had a cannon bone of 7 1/4" and a moderate build.  Weight of around 880 lbs. 

She successfully carried a heavy weight rider (218 lbs with tack) with NO lameness or problems for nearly 7 years until her untimely death.  (Death was unrelated to riding.)  She was lightly started as a 4 year old, then used as a brood mare for 2 years.  She started SLOW training at age 7 (multi-day ECTRA and slow 50's the first year) with LOTS of long, slow miles at home.  (18-26 miles at walk/trot and occasional galloping fartliks thrown in.)  Worst thing about her legs were some windpuffs that she already had when I purchased her.

It CAN be done.  Of course, when my featherweight friend took her on rides occasionally, her performance GLOWED since she was used to carrying a HW.  Deb couldn't get her HR over 110.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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>     I have been surprised by the
> number of successful endurance mounts who have what I would consider just
> adequate cannon bones of around six and a half to seven inches.

Carrying a heavyweight rider year after year???


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