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Re: Poisonous Plants

I highly recommend a book called 'Feeding and Care of the Horse' by Lon D.
Lewis, DVM, Ph.D.  This book contains a chapter on plant poisonings of
horses with full color photographs of most plants included.  It is not
region specific, so whether you live north, south, east, or west it will be
beneficial.  It also includes a chapter on feed related poisonings, as well
as everything you could ever want to know about yep, you guessed it, the
feeding and care of horses!

This book has become my 'bible' when it comes to my horses, and it hasn't
let me down yet.  It also has information specific to endurance
riding/training as well as racing (ie. Thoroughbred) and other disciplines.
 I purchased my copy via  

Hope this helps!

-Jennifer (David's better half)
David LeBlanc

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