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Re: (respect for oldbies) LD, newbies, etc.

Dyane Smith wrote:

> Personally, I think that if vets are extremely hard on newbies, it is the
> most helpful because we are the ones who may NOT know how to care for the
> horse to ease him through to the finish.

I agree.

I've wondered if ride vets are harder on newbies. The ride I got pulled on
was my second 2 day CTR and my first 2 day under that particular ride vet.
This vet knows I'm a newbie, but I really don't think she was any tougher on
me than any of the "oldbies". She's just really tough on lameness, period.
(And earns a lot of respect because of that, among other reasons.)

But I actually wouldn't mind if the vets erred on the side of being tougher
on newbies. I think DIMR can affect us more severely. I felt guilty for
weeks because the owner of this mare (a close friend of mine) had to let
this mare "sit out"  two rides until August (the pull happened in June).
The good news is she's better than ever and doing great now. I still feel
guilty, but I'm letting the guilt teach me something.


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