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(respect for oldbies) LD, newbies, etc.

Hey all.

I must weigh in on this discussion. I am a newbie and I wear the label
proudly. In fact, I tell all the "oldbie's" (for what else is the
opposite of a newbie?) and then question them unmercifully! ;-)

For all of you who object to the newbie label, give your "elders" the
respect they deserve, will ya? At least once a year,  I have the
opportunity to see a 2-day CTR, a 25 mile LD and a 50 mile endurance
ride run concurrently. I hang out and watch and learn. One of the things
I have learned is that it takes a special "something" to do 50 miles in
a day. It's not just double 25. I've done 30 miles in one day and I'm
not sure that I have what it takes to do 50...but if/when my horse is
ready I want to try.

Call it intestinal fortitude or what, but going 50 miles in one day
WHILE taking care of your horse requires discipline, good sense, and
lots of time spent before the actual event. I can't fathom 100 miles.

BTW, one of the people I consider to be my "elder" is a 13 year old girl
who has many, many miles on me. This little girl knew enough to pull her
horse 4 miles into the IAHA National CTR when the mare tied up. (You
want to talk disappointing?) This girl knew enough to convince one of
the ride vets that her horse was tied up. This girl can spot lameness
almost as good as the ride vets. When my 4YO filly starts rides (when
she's ready, when she's ready), I'm going to "sponsor" this girl for

And, as far as learning goes, I definitely can say I learned the most
the day I got pulled on the second day of a 2 day 50 mile CTR (AHAO CTR
which is paced more like endurance speed). I knew the mare was off, I
knew when it happened, but I was too jazzed to pull her myself. Her
pulses were the best ever and man, was I ever dissappointed when the vet
pulled me. But I knew the vet was right. I also know that this vet is
one of the toughest on lameness and that she vets a lot of the rides in
this area (and nationally). If I want to complete, I better learn how to
prevent lameness. When I finish sound at a ride Maureen vets, I'll know
I've accomplished something.

So here's one newbie who doesn't think all you experienced folk are
arrogant. I say you've earned the right. If paying your dues comes
through as arrogance to newbies, I say "get tough, newbies" because
toughness is one of the things it takes to be an endurance (50+ miles)

Deanna (140 CTR miles; does that count towards the 1000?)

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