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Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

Maybe I'm a little late getting in on this "vet" thing, but for several
years I rode gaited horses in endurance.  At any ride, we needed to
watch for vets experienced with gaited horses.  On Tevis, where we see
certain vets year after year, we always had to look out for certain vets
known to be unfriendly to horses that showed any tendency to gait.  You
just didn't get in that line, or you got pulled.  I finished Tevis 5
times on gaited horses, so I know it can be done.  You just have to be
aware, and believe me, not all experienced ride vets are experienced
gaited horse vets.  Some even may be experienced, and yet display a
strong bias against the way these horses travel.

Joan Dowis

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