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OK, John Ayers, you must be getting really bored sitting up there in the
Northeast Kingdom - what's the matter, is hunting season keeping you off
the trails so you've decided to stir up a little controversy of the
cyber variety? <VBG> You know you're going to lose this one!! This is
what they call, in argument school, a red herring - you throw out an
inflammatory statement to get everybody all excited, which distracts
away from the real issues - politicians do it all the time. You make the
statement that at the recent CTR (at which, by the way, I was camped
right next to you), people of the male variety completed and placed
well, despite the miserable weather. There is no causal link between
gender here and completion of that ride. <again, said with a BIG grin>.
It just so happens that this ride was a 15 mile clinic-type ride - non
sanctioned. The three guys that completed and placed well were all
experienced competitors WITH experienced horses - I know all three of
you. I competed with my very wet-behind-the-ears rookie horse and got a
97 score and second place. I would guess that the reason half the folks
didn't show up is because they didn't want to do their first rookie ride
or introduce a rookie horse when it was 40 degrees, pouring rain, and
blasting wind - I don't blame them, although I'm just a bit too stubborn
to let a little bad weather stop me. Experienced riders know how to
manage a horse in bad weather - inexperienced ones might not. Kudos to
you, John, for doing well, but gender had nothing to do with it!

fond regards,
Chelle and Mystik Star

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