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Re: Re: Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

Here goes:  I am a newbie.  By my own definition.  I have  alot to learn. 
Next year will be our 3rd ride season.  My horse EARNED his BC on the 25 LD
this summer.  I know my horse and what he can do...I spent a year and a
half conditioning him before I ever went on a ride (not to mention the 2
years I put in on him ten years ago when I was first interested in
endurance but couldn't swing it and ended up having to sell Jonathan after
our house burned down).  Sometimes the term "newbies" is used in a manner
on ridecamp that I find uncomfortable.  I know I have more to learn and I
think there are plenty of "experienced" riders who could learn a thing or
two as well.  I use all my sources....other riders, vets, ridecamp to learn
what I feel I need to know to be a competent endurance rider!  I doubt if I
will EVER stop learning or at least wanting to learn all I can to do a good
job with my horse in all aspects of endurance.... feeding, training,
equipment, conditioning....I expect to be in this sport for the long haul. 
I DO ride 20 + mile conditioning rides at home to prepare....for all
distances!  I have done fifties, hope to do a 100 when my horse AND I am
ready and in the meantime, I plan to have fun doing 25 LD and I consider
myself an endurance rider.  Not just because of the distance involved but
because of the time and effort I put into taking care of my horse and
preparing for the longer haul.  And that idea about top twenty being
scored....most of the LD I have done here in Michigan places the top 6 and
does BC scoring just like a "real" endurance ride.  I was third on the ride
in which my horse got BC.  Another rider wanted to RACE in.... I let my
daughter go on ahead of me (we were within one minute of each other) cuz I
knew she and her horse could cross first.  They did.  (These 2 are destined
for 100s).  The rider who RACED us in came over 2nd.  His horse's pulse
came down fifth.  I happen to think we rode a smart ride and learning these
strategies, even on a 25 is good prep for the 50s.  You cannot lump all LD
riders into a newbie category.  I have a friend who plans to start doing 25
LDs next year....she has been riding since the early 70s.  She is hardly a
newbie.  But she loves endurance more than CTR and cannot do the longer
distances.  I think we need a check on some of the arrogant attitudes I see
on ridecamp lately.  

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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