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Re: RC: Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

Well, I wasn't there so I am not going to argue about it but you said
yourself that MOST vets are equine specialists and recognize gaited vs.
lame.  There are exceptions.  I have found that when we had the SAME vet
throughout a ride do the pre vet and all inbetween checks and final check,
we had no problem.  They had seen the horse from start to finish.  No, a
farrier is not a vet but I think he is surely qualified to notice lameness
if it is there or not.  And I never said a gaited horse is never lame but
to the inexperienced eye, they can appear to be lame even when they are
not.  And even an equine specialist, unless exposed to gaited horses, may
not be able to tell.  That does not make them incompetent.  I love our ride
vets (in MOST cases) but there are those that I like better than others and
it's usually the ones who are the most competent that I love the most.  In
fact, they are probably the toughest ones.  They have eagle eyes!!  I
haven't been to any BIG rides but I think perhaps there is a different
caliber of experience and skill in the vets at the BIG ones (maybe....I
don't know!  I haven't been there either!!).  I am just going by some of
the "little" experience that I have had here and with a gaited horse.  My
status as a newbie probably renders my opinions null and void anyway!  :)  

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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