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saddle fit question

I hope someone on the alias can help me with this.  I finally figured out my saddle fit problem, but I don't know how to fix it.  The problem is that my mid-thigh area is putting too much pressure on the edge of my OF panels, and causing the panels to dig into my horse > producing white hairs.  I'm riding with my knees relaxed (not pinching or gripping), but there's still too much thigh pressure.  I rode yesterday with my hand under my thigh for a bit yesterday to try and feel what was causing the pressure, and it's definitely my leg.  In fact, after I ride I can see a bump in the saddle leather from the panel under my thigh where my leg sits.  My horse is narrow, and I think that might contribute to the problem - the same saddle on my husband's wider horse feels like there is less of a pressure point under my thigh and I can feel he is wider, too.
So I am not sure how to fix the problem.  Do I shorten my stirrups to put more angle in my leg (to open my hip joint)?  Do I buy a saddle with knee rolls to pop my thigh out a little from my horse?  Can I fix it with a special pad that has knee rolls?  I was planning to try a Big Horn and a Sport Saddle, but I am not sure now if that will solve the problem as both saddles still allow close knee contact with the horse, which I believe to be the problem.
My old western saddle also broke down eventually in the same spot - right under the thigh.  The tree bars eventually became uncomfortable enough that I got rid of that saddle.
I have pictures of the saddle rubs and my saddle at:
And there's one picture of me on my horse at:
Thanks for ANY help you can give me...
Michelle Rowe - - Colorado

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