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gooseneck chains?

Recently I purchased a '90 FORD 250 4x4, went to a reputed welder and had a gosseneck hitch installed (great job and works great).  At a recent ride, a friend noticed no chains attached, and said Hum, must be an older trailer. My question is, when I get to the Ag station to go to Georgia, will they AG guys say no go? I know there are pros and cons, but I need to know if I'd be wasting my time, and sent back home without the chains? If I have to get them, suggestions where to buy the "rings?", and where they get installed. I notice under the neck of the gooseneck that there's a hanging bar about 5" long. Is that where they'd hook to? Seems like a dangerous thing to hook chains on a monster gooseneck, but I lack experience and need constructive help. Thanks. Randi in Brooksville, Fl.

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