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Re: RC: Skito pad/more details

Date:          Fri, 29 Oct 1999 10:36:49 -0400
From:          Dave & Abby Bloxsom <>
To:            Judy Finchum <>,
               Ridecamp <>
Subject:       Re: RC:  Skito pad/more details

> Bingo!!  Never thought of that.  She is asymetrical....right shoulder
> is larger than left.....she used to be even more so until last year
> when other problems led the vet to conclude her right leg is shorter
> than her left.  Corrective shoeing has improved the imbalance and her shoulders
> are more even than ever  before, but not equal.  However, this is the
> only pad that has ever shifted in the back before.  I have had
> several people advise that the inserts come in different widths.  I
> wasn't aware of that....the inserts I have are 3/4", perhaps 1/2"
> would work better for us.
what about shimming the saddle higher on the left side to balance her

Yep, have several things to try.   I have had many good 
suggestions...also talked to Arlo at Skito, who suggested some 
shimming, or attaching ties to the back of the pad so I could tie it 
to the back dees in my saddle. This would anchor the pad fore and 
aft.  I must say, their concern for good customer service is *very* 
much appreciated. 

I'll be trying some of these different suggestions this weekend.  

Thanks to you and EVERYONE for all your excellent  input.....RideCamp is GREAT!!

Will let you know how the "one rat" tests go   : )

Judy &
Hilary....sometimes love isn't enough....shim away, Mom.
Newburgh, ME

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