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re: Dr. Kamen

" I had the priveledge of
attending Dr. Kamens class a few months ago.  The investment is well
it.  He even goes , briefly, over the legalities of chiropractics and
is being done to improve our positions in the industry.    He kept us
laughing and learning the entire weekend.  "

I, too, have gone to one of his clinics and really had a great time. 
Some of the students were repeating the course (from the day before) and
he offered that we could repeat the next day, but I had to work.  It was
well worth the money!  One of my first subjects was an abused half wild
mustang.  I adjusted her neck and she gave me such a look of relief that
I know it helped her.  I use it on my horses and once in a while for a
friend's horse.

Karen Hicks, Trustee
M.A.R.E., Inc. (Mustang & Arabian Rescue & Education)
Lawton, OK

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